When I begin to sketch a new image, I’m constantly reminded that the sketch stage of an image is much like launching a rocket. It sets the initial trajectory. Get that right and the amount of course corrections you’ll need to make later are minimized. Get it wrong and you can waste a lot of energy getting it […]

Long tongues and tentacles are not enough to sell your evil characters. You must add eyeballs. …to the tentacles …or the tongues.

Over a year ago I had the opportunity to help out on a project called RELIC for Fantasy Flight Games, which has finally been published! RELIC is a Warhammer 40k board game that uses the TALISMAN system, and has turned out to be one fantasticly high quality product. I was tasked with designing the game’s […]

Repellant skin condition: check. Unruly horn and tissue growth: check. Foul body odor: check. Welcome to chaos.

For my money, the Eldar have some of the best helmet and face mask designs in all of sci-fi-dom.


I’ve recently taken some time off in order to grow old. In the meantime, enjoy this guy. He will neither grow old nor take time off.   © FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES