RELIC Game Art


Over a year ago I had the opportunity to help out on a project called RELIC for Fantasy Flight Games, which has finally been published! RELIC is a Warhammer 40k board game that uses the TALISMAN system, and has turned out to be one fantasticly high quality product.

I was tasked with designing the game’s playing pieces (mini-busts of each hero character), and illustrating the ‘hero’ shots for the character cards. For the playing pieces, I created turn arounds of each character for the modelers to use as reference, and it was really cool to see those designs rendered so accurately. Below are the hero illustrations, the turnaround designs for each character as well as some product shots to see how they came to life.

Definitely a great product and a joy to work on.

For an more in depth review, a great unboxing video can be found here.

RELIC_Ultra RELIC_Rogue RELIC_Ratling RELIC_Psyker RELIC_Ogryn RELIC_Inquisitor RELIC_Enginseer RELIC_Commissar RELIC_Canoness RELIC_Callidus

pic1471770_md Warhammer 40k Relic board game character busts


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