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Sketching is like launching a rocket. Fact.

When I begin to sketch a new image, I’m constantly reminded that the sketch stage of an image is much like launching a rocket. It sets the initial trajectory. Get that right and the amount of course corrections you’ll need to make later are minimized. Get it wrong and you can waste a lot of energy getting it […]

RELIC Game Art

Over a year ago I had the opportunity to help out on a project called RELIC for Fantasy Flight Games, which has finally been published! RELIC is a Warhammer 40k board game that uses the TALISMAN system, and has turned out to be one fantasticly high quality product. I was tasked with designing the game’s […]

Chaos Marine Vall

Repellant skin condition: check. Unruly horn and tissue growth: check. Foul body odor: check. Welcome to chaos.

Eldar Farseer and Warlock

For my money, the Eldar have some of the best helmet and face mask designs in all of sci-fi-dom.

Grey Knights Stand Alone


Watch Captain Mordegai

I’ve recently taken some time off in order to grow old. In the meantime, enjoy this guy. He will neither grow old nor take time off.   © FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES


Remember that one time when they detected that moon sized  ice cube heading straight for Earth?  And it was being billed as a ‘world killer,’ and everyone was freaking out because it was forecast to hit in only a couple weeks?  Then some military scientist types revealed that they were going to try to melt the asteroid apart using some new […]