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Remember that one time when they detected that moon sized  ice cube heading straight for Earth?  And it was being billed as a ‘world killer,’ and everyone was freaking out because it was forecast to hit in only a couple weeks?  Then some military scientist types revealed that they were going to try to melt the asteroid apart using some new […]

Doomsday Averted by Popcorn

Remember that one time when those massive four-legged alien craft descended onto the world’s major cities and started emitting a gas from the holes in their legs? And the gas made every building in every city rust out super fast as if they were aging right before our eyes? Good thing they found out that the aliens […]

Japanese Zeros 2141

Remember that one time when the Japanese launched a surprise attack on the west coast of the U.S. with those 50ft tall humanoid automatons, armed with disintegration rays that could fire from their eyeholes for like 50 miles in a straight line? And they’d just be plodding along and crushing tanks and moving their heads […]