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Sketching is like launching a rocket. Fact.

When I begin to sketch a new image, I’m constantly reminded that the sketch stage of an image is much like launching a rocket. It sets the initial trajectory. Get that right and the amount of course corrections you’ll need to make later are minimized. Get it wrong and you can waste a lot of energy getting it […]

Sister of Battle

One of the few female illustrations I’ve done. If there’s a greater example of the ‘nuns with guns’ theme in gaming, I am unaware if it.

Inquisitor Scayl

If memory serves, this was one of the first illustrations I did for Fantasy Flight Games, a fantastic game property developer that has the RPG and some board/hybrid game rights to Games Workshop‘s 40k license, among other things.  I believe this was published in the Dark Heresy: Radicals supplement and is a detail of Inquisitor, Cyrric Scayl […]