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Sketching is like launching a rocket. Fact.

When I begin to sketch a new image, I’m constantly reminded that the sketch stage of an image is much like launching a rocket. It sets the initial trajectory. Get that right and the amount of course corrections you’ll need to make later are minimized. Get it wrong and you can waste a lot of energy getting it […]

Chaos Marine Vall

Repellant skin condition: check. Unruly horn and tissue growth: check. Foul body odor: check. Welcome to chaos.

Grey Knights Stand Alone


Watch Captain Mordegai

I’ve recently taken some time off in order to grow old. In the meantime, enjoy this guy. He will neither grow old nor take time off.   © FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES

Lone Wolf – A lesson remembered

When designing creatively (designing mechanics, game content, writing or creating art, it doesn’t matter), it’s easy to get distracted by what you want to do, rather than focusing on what you should do. I suppose that can be applied to life in general, but when applied to creativity, it almost always results in a weaker product – typically one where the […]

The Melta Man

This is an illustration of … a multi melta. The Imperial Fist space marine is completely incidental. Look at the size of that thing! © FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES

This one has it all :|

Bloated, maggot ridden fat head – CHECK Tentacled tongue with eyeballs – CHECK Pustules – DOUBLE CHECK Sharpened power axe – CHECKOLA