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Eldar Farseer and Warlock

For my money, the Eldar have some of the best helmet and face mask designs in all of sci-fi-dom. Advertisements

Wired Boyz Faux CCG Cutsheet

Just for fun…and in anticipation of my upcoming posts on Designing a Combat Card Game!   See the original Gutshank’s Wired Boyz image.

Suhbekhar Necrons

Remember the good ‘ol days when the undead weren’t the MOST technological beings in the known universe, and could be handled with a chain saw, or in a pinch a wooden bat studded with some rusty nails? Welcome to the 41st millennium, Neanderthals. Here are a couple detail shots from a single Necron image. You’ll find the […]

Here’s how it works…sometimes

Not every freelance illustration assignment is a one sketch affair and that’s when things can get a little stressful. After all, it comes down to dollars per hour and spending 4 hours on the sketch phase really porks that ratio. But sometimes it happens. I thought I’d give a real-world example of that scenario as a means of sharing some throw […]

Necron Flayed One

This post should not be seen as an endorsement of flaying in general, nor the specific act of wearing the flayed skin of your enemies. In fact, I’d have to check the internet to be certain, but I believe flaying is entirely frowned upon. What are we going to get rid of next…pillaging?

Space Hulk: Death Angel Card Art

Space Hulk: Death Angel – The Card Game is a cooperative card game set in the grim darkness of Warhammer 40,000. Players must work together as an alien menace threatens to devour their hopes of survival. I’ve loved Space Hulk ever since my brother introduced me to it ‘way back when.’ Which is official time keeping […]

Hero Bug

Bugs have heroes too!    Approx. Sketch Time: Lucky Number Slevin (Josh Hartnett, Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley, Bruce Willis)