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Scratch Built Ork Stompa

My brother came down for the weekend and we set to work on an Ork Stompa. It’s important when you start a project of this size that you do all your planning up front. So we immediately got started on the technical specs. With Kris’s PhD knowledge of Chemistry and my Computer Science training, we […]

Drop Pod build (scale model)

With a little glue and styrene, you too can create a scale model of your own 100-ton falling metal coffin. It’s been a while since I came across the templates for building your own Dreadnaught Drop Pod on the french GW site. It’s also been a while since I trusted the french. But I work with a bunch […]

The Mod Squad

A Field Cusomizeable Squad sporting a simple paintjob.

Field Customizable Squads

When playing 40k (or any table top game for that matter), it’s essential that you present a ‘squad’ of minitaures that accurately represent the abilities of the fielded units. It would seem unfair to expect your opponent to remember that your space marines, all of which are clearly holding ice cream cones and cola beverages, are actually armed with las […]