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From A to Tzeentch

I’ve been asked to post the steps in the modding and painting of a fig from A to Z. So I said to myself, “Self. This is what daemons were made for.” I’ll start with my Chaos Daemon Prince model. Previously I noted how perfectly a Ravener’s scything claws replaced those boney knobby skull topped […]

Blood Hunt Tyranid Veteran Marines

The Blood Hunt Tyranid Veteran Marines are Word Brothers in the Sons of the Dreadnaught Space marine chapter. Sergeant Herdion Front Word Brother Vinck Word Brother Pocryphus

Custom Tyranid Ultramarine Vets

Besides a full coverage Imperial Disability Policy, Tyranic war veterans are known for carrying around one other thing: trophies. Heads, hands or horns… if a Marine survives a battle against a Tyranid swarm, expect to find these items chained, bolted or duct-taped to his power armor to add a little well-deserved machismo. You could just […]