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Servo Skull Stylus Holder

Here’s something a true digital artist cannot be without… a servo skull WACOM stylus holder. Painted in gunmetal with realistic rust and oil streaking. This one was created for me by my brother, which shows that he has put his MD and GI Pathology skills to their best possible uses. Advertisements

Drop Pod build (scale model)

With a little glue and styrene, you too can create a scale model of your own 100-ton falling metal coffin. It’s been a while since I came across the templates for building your own Dreadnaught Drop Pod on the french GW site. It’s also been a while since I trusted the french. But I work with a bunch […]

Underground Bunker Hatch w/ weapon mount

If you have a baby, then you can make a concrete reinforced bunker hatch with bolter emplacement.  Follow the logic. If you have the baby it also comes with a filthy bottom. To take care of the bottom you would purchase something to clean it with. This almost always includes Wet Ones Moist Wipes, or […]