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Here’s how it works…sometimes

Not every freelance illustration assignment is a one sketch affair and that’s when things can get a little stressful. After all, it comes down to dollars per hour and spending 4 hours on the sketch phase really porks that ratio. But sometimes it happens. I thought I’d give a real-world example of that scenario as a means of sharing some throw […]

From A to Tzeentch

I’ve been asked to post the steps in the modding and painting of a fig from A to Z. So I said to myself, “Self. This is what daemons were made for.” I’ll start with my Chaos Daemon Prince model. Previously I noted how perfectly a Ravener’s scything claws replaced those boney knobby skull topped […]

Field Customizable Squads

When playing 40k (or any table top game for that matter), it’s essential that you present a ‘squad’ of minitaures that accurately represent the abilities of the fielded units. It would seem unfair to expect your opponent to remember that your space marines, all of which are clearly holding ice cream cones and cola beverages, are actually armed with las […]