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Custom Tyranid Ultramarine Vets

Besides a full coverage Imperial Disability Policy, Tyranic war veterans are known for carrying around one other thing: trophies. Heads, hands or horns… if a Marine survives a battle against a Tyranid swarm, expect to find these items chained, bolted or duct-taped to his power armor to add a little well-deserved machismo. You could just […]

Daemon Prince + Tyranid warrior = ?

Workbench item #5: I’ve had my chaos daemon prince since Christmas 2004 (at least) and no time to work him up. However, while thinking through possible mods on my custom Tyranid Space Marine Veterans, I realized I had discarded a set of Tyranid Ravener claws. They’re just too big to work into a space marine sensibly. If only my marines […]