Remember that one time when they detected that moon sized  ice cube heading straight for Earth?  And it was being billed as a ‘world killer,’ and everyone was freaking out because it was forecast to hit in only a couple weeks?  Then some military scientist types revealed that they were going to try to melt the asteroid apart using some new […]

Just for fun…and in anticipation of my upcoming posts on Designing a Combat Card Game!   See the original Gutshank’s Wired Boyz image.

When designing creatively (designing mechanics, game content, writing or creating art, it doesn’t matter), it’s easy to get distracted by what you want to do, rather than focusing on what you should do. I suppose that can be applied to life in general, but when applied to creativity, it almost always results in a weaker product – typically one where the […]

This is an illustration of … a multi melta. The Imperial Fist space marine is completely incidental. Look at the size of that thing! © FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES

There is a natural order to things. I am not talking about the laws of nature. Those can, and have, been broken. And they will continue to be broken For as long as man kind rule this world. I always considered those words a good opener for The Kingdom,  a comic idea  I was developing with Davenpoe, […]

Warhammer 40k equivalent of the juice man. I would never do the Juiceman’s eyebrows justice so I just left them out.

Secessionist Imperial Guard regiments always have the most talented and artistic propagandist Commissars. There’s never an Inquisitor around when you need one. Enjoy the heresy.